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Hydronic ( Central Heating )

The hydronic versions
A Hydronic ( Central Heating ) kitchen plinth heater connects directly into a wet central heating system.Two pipe connections are provided on the heater which are made easy with the flexible hoses provided* to the heating flow and return pipework.A typical installation would be to replace an existing radiator.

Wireless models
Our new patent pending wireless models gives full control over the heater and improves the energy efficiency .The majority of homes have the main central heating thermostat located away from the kitchen in the hall area. If the kitchen gets to warm with the extra heat from the oven and other appliances this would not be picked up from the central heating thermostat.The classic model plinth heater would continue to run until you manually switch the unit off.
With our wireless thermostat models the unit will switch off automatically when the selected temperature has been reached. The supplied wireless thermostat makes for a very simple installation.
With larger kitchens and room areas we can offer multiple heaters synchronized to a single room thermostat please send us a message and this can be completed at point of order.

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